Can you make love on the train tracks?  I'm sure you've asked yourself that question many times.  If you are reading this, chances are you haven't given it a shot?  I'm thinking it's kind of like putting your tongue on a frozen metal flag pole.  It might be tempting but you know it won't end well.

This week a couple in the Ukraine gave into temptation and were having sex on railway tracks.  The train ran right over the couple whilst they were in the throes of lust, killing the woman in her lover's arms while simultaneously tearing off both of his legs.

The 41-year-old man who survived the ordeal said that he and his girlfriend were so overcome with their passion for each other that they had to stop to express their love, on the train tracks.

 The couple was reported to have left a friend's home in the very early hours on Saturday. They were believed to have been drinking and were probably still intoxicated as they strolled home.

The couple's names have not been released and while we know that the man was 41-years-old, the woman's age has only been described as 30-something. Apart from knowing that the man lost his legs in the tragedy, the state of his health otherwise, has not been reported. [Source: youtube]