Family values instilled long ago motivate Rebecca Dunn to jump into the race for the Central District seat on the Sioux Falls City Council.  “I was raised in a family where my parents taught me not to whine, but to do something about it if you see something that’s wrong.” 

Dunn has experience in the political realm having served eight years in the South Dakota Legislature.  She was more than willing to step forward now when presented with the opportunity.  “Some of the ballot measures really caught my attention.  When everything started hitting the fan this year (in particular) the Walmart issue, the people from that district called me.”  Even though Dunn does not live in the Southeast District, her reputation for negotiating city matters prompted the outreach.  “I believe in the neighborhood’s rights.  Before anybody goes in to widen a road, put in a bar or do anything, the first people they should talk to are the people that live there.”

Communication between interested parties is one component of Dunn’s motivation.  Another would be suppressing crime in Sioux Falls.  “In one year, crime has increased by 28.5 percent.  That’s felony crime not stealing hubcaps.  Much of it is related to drugs and alcohol.  Meth use and meth labs have dramatically increased.  We really need to address the crime.”  Dunn also has a plan to stem the crime tide.  “When you start working with (pre-teens) in preventative measures of not using drugs and alcohol, I see that it works.”  Dunn’s experience with this type of program dates back to a time when she started a program of this type in Dallas, Texas.

Dunn's opponent in the Central District race is incumbent Michelle Erpenbach.  The complete interview with Rebecca Dunn follows in three segments.

Segment 1: Rebecca Dunn stands up for neighborhood

Segment 2: Dunn takes a swing at preventing crime in Sioux Falls.

Segment 3: Dunn’s case for a vote from her constituents.