Congrats to CARRIE KIMBALL, she is our “Facebook Fan of the Week”!

Carrie and Patty Dee have known each other since their days working the customer service thing at what used to be "SPS". Carrie was always an inspiration as a person who thrived no matter what; through illness, her hubby's overseas deployments, life's daily tribulations, kids, jobs, etc. Carrie is such an appropriate name because she carries on--always!

CARRIE, thank you so much for being our Facebook friend, you have won a genuine, plastic Mix 97-3 water bottle, that you can pick up at the station. Have a wonderful day!

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You might not win cash, or jewelry, or cars, but you will win our undying love and devotion and a genuine, plastic Mix water bottle. We are not above bribery however, so it is entirely possible that, from time-to-time we may have something really nice to give you. It could happen!

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