A few weeks ago we shared a story about Pit Bulls that prompted a lot of response about the breed.  Some of it was very impassioned.

There were comments that alluded to the position that: "The Media never reports on good stories about Pit Bulls".  I don't know if that is true or false, but I do know that this is one cute story being reported.

Out of Cleveland there is a cat caring for four newborn kittens is nursing an orphaned week-old pit bull puppy.

This mother cat is nursing and taking care of a 1 day-old puppy that was dropped off at the Cleveland Animal Protective League.

Sharon Harvey of the Cleveland Animal Protective League said Wednesday that Lurlene the cat welcomed Noland the puppy to her 'unusual little family.'

According to Yahoo News:

"Obviously a 1-day-old puppy, even in the best of circumstances, [the chance of survival] is pretty iffy,"  The little guy has a ways to go before he's in the clear. But a team of staffers—including a cat—have stepped in to help. Harvey remains hopeful—and touched by the simple gesture of a cat saving a dog.

Be honest...did you go Awwww?!