There are embarrassing calls to 911 like the kids head got stuck between the posts on the staircase or "I think someone is trying to break in my patio" when it's just the grill cover flapping against the door in the wind. But imagine having to call for help after being trapped with your family by the family pet.

No, they don't own a ferocious dog. It's not a snake that got loose. It's a cat. It's a BIG cat, but it's not a lion or tiger. It's a 22 pound Himalayan.

Portland Police were called to rescue a family from their 22-pound cat after it became aggressive and attacked a baby. The family called 911 on Sunday night (March 9th) before they were able to lock themselves in the bathroom with the baby and the family dog. Officers arrived at the home and saw the black and white Himalayan cat flee into the kitchen, but were able to get a dog snare around it and safely locked in the feline in its crate. The family was shaken, but did not need medical attention..

That dog has some explaining to do as well.