Every Friday morning here on the MIX 97-3 we get to chat with Cecily Knobler and enjoy her movie reviews.

We love Cecily. Cecily lives in Los Angeles with her dog Monroe the Beagle. She has been a part of the 'Ben & Patty Show' family for 20+ years.

When Cecily isn't reviewing movies, walking her dog, or calling the cops on her neighbors, she writes books and does stand up comedy. There is nothing this woman can't do! We love Cecily!

You can buy her book 'She's Crazy, He's A Liar' on Amazon. I wonder if she knows it's only $3.50?

And since some of you won't have the opportunity to travel to L.A. to see Cecily do stand-up, we thought we'd share this hilarious video. FYI-Video contains some adult situations. Did we mention we love Cecily?

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