(BPT) - For most places, winter undoubtedly means chilly temperatures, less sunlight and - inevitably - dry, tight or flaky skin. This season, follow these easy tips to break the cycle of dull winter skin by revamping beauty routines that will ensure radiant skin is always in the forecast.

The Simple brand, a range of facial skincare products that is perfect even for sensitive skin, launched the Simple Advisory Board (SAB) to help women everywhere discover the benefits of a holistic approach to skincare. The SAB is a group of noted lifestyle and wellness experts who offer tips to help women care for their skin from the inside out. Boardmember and celebrity make-up artist, Gita Bass offers up her favorite tips to achieve gorgeous, glowing skin all winter long.

  • Meet Your New Best Friend: Moisturizer

    The first (and most important) step in keeping skin dewy and fresh in the dead of winter is to keep it hydrated by using a moisturizer that contains SPF. Use Simple Light Moisturizer with SPF 15 to instantly double skin's hydration while protecting from the sun's ever-present rays. Moisturized skin will also help foundation spread evenly over skin and help make-up last all day.

  • Hey There, Bright Eyes

    To combat winter gloom, add an unexpected splash of color to lash lines. Gita recommends pairing a colorful liner with voluminous lashes to make eyes pop. Not only is this on-trend this season, but this easy step is sure to brighten up any occasion.

  • The Art of the Sultry, Smoky Eye

    Winter is a busy season filled with holiday gatherings, office parties and New Year's Eve bashes - a well-done smoky eye is the perfect look for any of these occasions. Update the look by incorporating a deep violet or plum-colored eye shadow. Swipe a light, shimmery base color over the lids to brow bone and blend in the darker shade from the lash line to eyelid crease for ultimate drama.

  • Kiss the Winter Blues Away

    Contrasting, deep lip hues are fast becoming a red-carpet favorite that is easy to replicate at home. Find a wine color that matches the skin tone to take the look from day-to-night. Prepping lips with a matching liner ensures staying power and definition.

  • Ensure a Clean Canvas for Tomorrow

    Once the festivities are over, be sure to unwind and remove make-up. Simple Eye Make-Up Remover Pads are a great way to effectively remove eye make-up without leaving a greasy residue.