How did this get past my reality show radar?  Apparently, Celebrity Wife Swap debuted in January 2012 and aired 5 episodes.  I'd heard of Wife Swap but not with celebrities.

The new season begins February 26 with Kate Gosselin and Kendra Wilkinson trading homes and kids.  Sounds to me like Kate's got it made compared to Kendra.  Kendra will have to take care of Kate's 8 kids, while Kate only has to deal with Kendra's little boy.

It seems like whenever there is a new reality show involving celebrities, it's always the SAME celebrities who sign up.  Apparently, it's easy money that doesn't require talent, just the necessity to fake stupidity.

Let's take a look at the resumes of some of the celebrities who have appeared on Celebrity Wife Swap. 

Let's start with Kate Gosselin.  She's appeared on Surviving Sextuplets and Twins, "Sextuplets and Twins:  One Year Later, Jon and Kate Plus 8, Dancing with the Stars, Kate Plus 8 and she's co-hosted The View three times.

Kendra Wilkinson:  She got her start on The Girls Next Door.  When she moved out of the Playboy Mansion, got married and had a baby, she realized that having a camera follow you around everywhere and document your sometimes unflattering life, paid she signed up for her own reality show called Kendra.  

When I started reading more about Celebrity Wife Swap, the cast did not surprise me.  How many reality shows does Carnie Wilson have to appear on to keep the creditors away?  When do you finally lose your pride.  I have to admit though, I think Carnie is pretty darn funny.

Carnie's resume of reality shows is a long one:  VH1's Celebrity Fit Club, Gone Country, Celebracadabra, Outsiders Inn, Carnie Willson:  Unstapled, Karaoke Battle USA, Wilson Phillips:  Still Holding On and Rachael vs Guy Celebrity Cook-off.  

Other celebrities who have appeared on Celebrity Wife Swap and are perennial reality show pros:  Twisted Sister's Dee Snider, Gary Busey, Flavor Flav, Niecy Nash and Tina Youthers.

Check out some of the previews for the shows from last season.  Hopefully there will be a rerun of the Gary Busey/Ted Haggard episode.  That one would be crazy!