I always answer the question, "Is there one food you could eat everyday?" by saying, "Yes--pizza!" I mean it, and it's not just because I'm Italian. What could possibly be wrong with a food product that combines bread, cheese and a plethora of other goodies?

Of course I'd want variety and that is certainly no problem. There are as many pizza toppings in the world as there are people and there are breakfast pizzas, wood-fire pizzas, thick-crust, thin-crust, pan pizzas and now pizzas with no crusts. "No crusts?", you ask. Well it is a sort of crust, but it is made out of breaded, boneless chicken pieces.

Yup. Domino's is rolling out their "Specialty Chicken" menu items next week. You can select from a number of pizza toppings and have them spread over the chicken. The Sweet BBQ Bacon, Classic Hot Buffalo, Crispy Bacon & Tomato and Spicy Jalapeno & Pineapple "pizzas" will cost you $5.99.

Domino's CEO says they're looking at this as an opportunity to do chicken with a twist and are using the slogan, "Failure is an option" to promote the chicken pizza creations. Domino's also says they are not afraid to step out of their comfort zone and take risks, even though every risk has not turned out successfully.

I guess all of us will be the judge of their new Chicken Crust Pizza. Heck, I'm willing to try almost anything- - once. How about you?