I may be a little slow to this party, but I’ve recently seen the video for Chris Brown and Justin Bieber’s epic saga known as 'Next To You.'  I don’t mean to upset any Beliebers or Breezy fans, but can we just break down this video for a second.

First of all, why is Bieber’s girlfriend’s dad so upset about her being with him?  I mean, doesn’t he know that it’s The Biebs!  As far as this video is concerned some may say she got the lesser of two evils.  I mean she could have ended up with Chris Brown.  He doesn’t have the best track record with relationships.  The storyline of the overprotective dad is getting a little played out when it comes to Justin Bieber.  His video for 'As Long As You Love Me' has the same premise.  Only in that video Justin Bieber gets beat up by the foster dad from 'Free Willy.'

Back to the video at hand, what exactly is happening?  Is the world ending? Are aliens attacking? Is it a terrorist attack?  Is it a metaphor for the world ending because they got separated from their girlfriends? I don’t know.  Whatever catastrophe is happening, these two guys think they can find a way to safety if they just dance in the street.  I’m all for spontaneous choreography, but this scenario seems a bit out of the ordinary.  Also, there are tons of scared and hurt people running through the streets and neither Justin nor Chris thinks it necessary to help anyone out.  That seems a bit selfish.  I’m sure your girlfriends would want you to help out some innocent bystanders instead of twirling in the middle of the street.

Ironically, I don’t hate this song.  The video just seems really overproduced and ridiculous.  I’d like to know how much this video cost to make.  I bet it could have put a big dent in the national debt crisis.  The video has CGI scary clouds and they built a whole city block just to destroy it.  There are cars exploding and panicked extras running in the streets and out of buses.  Seriously, tone down the video and save America.  Save America in its financial crisis and save America by not forcing us to endure a cheesy music video.