When couples begin to have problems, sooner or later the "we need to go to counseling" question always comes up in an attempt to right the relationship.

Perhaps the thought of going to a counselor was suggested by one of the people involved, a family member, friend, clergyman or co-worker. Regardless of who made the suggestion, counseling can do powerful things if it's embraced by both parties.

According to a new study by a counseling company called Relate, men and women go to couples counseling for very different reasons.

Women tend to go because they want to work on their relationship and talk about their problems. Men go because they want to have sex again.

A woman's first response upon finding that out, might be something like... "those pigs!"

Men's motives might not be all that bad ladies. Because men will often work on things like communication and other relationship problems if they know it will earn them rewards in the sack!

Let's face it, it usually takes men longer to realize that a relationship is in trouble. They do notice something is up or should I say "down" in this case, when they're getting less lovin' from their partner.

While men and women might not have the same initial goals in mind at the onset of couples therapy, the end result might just lead to a much healthier all around relationship.