Well if this doesn't exemplify the sad state of communication in marriage these days, I don't know what does.

There's a new survey out that says couples now spend more time bonding in the bathroom each day than they do around the dinner table.

Yep, couples appear to be doing their best communicating each day in the bathroom.

45% of today's couples spend time together in the bathroom on a daily basis, whether it's brushing their teeth together, talking to each other while getting ready for work, or, yes, even while someone is using the toilet.

The times be a changing! Only 29% of people claim to eat together at the table each night for dinner. And for couples under 34 years old, that number drops to 16%!

Speaking of conversing while on the can, apparently most couples are cool with the idea. The study found that only 10% of people lock the door while taking care of business in there.  This means 90% of us are A-okay with our significant other stopping by for a little chat as we send one out to sea.

You never saw something like that on "Leave it to Beaver" did you?

Source: Daily Mail