The 'polar vortex' was just making its way into the area this weekend so it felt like a good reason to stay home and watch some NFL play-off football.

The exciting games of the weekend were thrown off by one very disturbing commercial that debuted this weekend and now it seems I can't escape it.

Old Spice's new campaign with the mothers lamenting the fact that their sons have grown up and are doing their own things so they begin stalking them.

Are their ad execs dropping acid? From this ad (the mom wearing the false face on the back of her head acting as the school janitor is creepy as hell) to alligators eating Denver Broncos wide receiver Wes Welker's legs, they have gone off the rails.

I find it interesting that a new report has come out showing that the 'imaginative' ads that air during the Super Bowl (which are completely sold out at $4 million per 30-second ad!) are less effective than 'normal' TV ads because they spend too much time on being funny, different (or in the case of Old Spice: CREEPY) than actually selling their product.

Thanks for the nightmares Old Spice!