Admit it, you've sneaked a peek at one or two cute cat videos at work.  It's o.k.  It's good for you!  According to new research, university students who viewed images of baby animals, such as puppies and kittens, performed set tasks with greater time and care.

So, to help your productivity at work, I'm providing you with a picture of my cat.  Well, it's not MY cat.  She doesn't live with me.  She lives with my mom, but I love her with all my heart and treat her just like she's mine.  Yes, I even clean the litter box when I'm at my mom's.

Her name is "Miss Kitty."  She's around 2 years old.  She was a stray cat who just showed up at my mom's house and slept on the patio furniture.  She had ear mites and had scratched two big sores on the back of her head.  I bought some medicine from the vet clinic to treat the mites and put antibiotic cream on the sores.  Within a week, the sores were gone.

About two months after her first appearance on our deck, we decided to give her a forever home.  I sometimes wonder if she questions her decision to choose our house, especially after the above photo in the elf hat.  Doesn't it look like she is ready to scratch my eyes out?

Take a few minutes out of your workday to stare at cute and cuddly animals, it will actually boost your work performance.

And, remember, stray cats and dogs and shelter pets need love, too.  Please think about adopting your next pet from a local shelter like the Sioux Falls Humane Society.