Don't look now, but Father's Day is sneaking up on you. Its June 15th this year.

Time to reward dad for all the things he's done for you. Although it sounds like some of us are a little remiss in that area according to a new survey.

At least 11% of people say they've gapped out dad's day at least once in their life.

Lucky for you the average dad isn't asking for much this Father's Day. As a matter of fact, the thing that would make him the most happy this dad's day is to just spend a little time with you.

But if spending time with your father is like hell on earth for you, a gift card will do.

Most fathers agree, if they can't spend time with their kids this Father's Day, a gift card would make a nice consolation prize.

Dad is still a runner up to mom in the gift department.  When we do get dad a Father's Day gift, we end up spending almost as much money on him as we do mom each year.

The average Father's Day gift costs around $61.00, compared to $68.00 for the typical Mother's Day present. According to the survey, 10% of us that do end up spending time with dad on Father's Day feel we don't need to buy him anything. Gracing him with our presence is enough I guess.

20% of us think it's just fine to send a Dad's Day text and nothing more.

Come on! You can do better than that. Think of all times you hit the old man for cash growing up, or all the times he let you borrow the car when you wanted it. That should be good enough for at least a "beer holster", a "few rounds of golf", or an "I love farting coffee cup" right?

Source: PR Newswire