It was a beautiful spring day in Sioux Falls and around the tri-state area Thursday.  The sidewalks were full, Dog Park was packed, and the line was long at the DQ.  I know because we decided to take our puppy, Percy, out for his very 1st ice cream.  Before we lost our dog Bogie we all used to go to the DQ Grill & Chill at 57th & Western where he used to enjoy his favorite DQ "Puppy Treat".  The staff there is always so nice.  Bogie caught on fast that when we'd let him jump into the Honda, and drive down 57th street, this car ride was going to have a happy ending.  For a little dog he sure could drool.  Percy is now about 7 months old and last night we took him for his first ice cream.  I think he was impressed.  As I glanced around at other folks in the drive-thru, I didn't see any other dogs in line.  So I wondered if we were just some of those "kooky" pet owners that treat there puppy like a child.  But  I also wondered: "Do other puppy parents take their dogs on Ice Cream outings?"  I asked just that question of facebook and these are some of the responses we received:

-Jason Mitchell:  if the dog is buying, I would have no problem with it!

-Julie Maddux Hall: I've been known to take my Cavalier, Sophie, for ice cream. She LOVES it!

-Stacy Kaas-Rostyne: My Allie would not like a ride to get ice cream. She would rather stay home!

-Lynelle Schwien: I take care of a lot of dogs, & most of them love ice cream!

-Arlynn Beck: Love your dogs name Ben!!!! My fathers name was Percy!!!!  And you know what??? He loved ice cream also!!!'

-Shawn Stadem-Koch: I took my cat our for chocolate shakes. He loved those and doritos!

-Jaine Andrews: Our puppies love the kiddie comes at DQ!

-Crystal McFarland Beckman: My little dachshund Sophie LOVES ice cream!

-Mary Hallickson: We always share our Dairy Queen blizzards with my schnauzer .

-Tami J Miller: My dog scooby and scrappy bot love to go out for ice cream!

Well if taking your dog on an ice cream date is "Kooky", at least I'm in good company!