I love bears...at a distance.  When I was a kid my mom and dad used to take us on summer trips up to Nisswa, Minnesota.  On the edge of town there was a store called the Nisswa Trading Post.  And outside of the Post they used to keep a baby brown bear.  This was in a time simpler time, before big government regulate, when you could keep baby bears, panthers, poisonous snakes, a Kracken.  At the store counter you could buy marshmallows, they titled "Bear Food", to feed the bear.  The nice man behind the counter would simple tell you: "Keep yer hands out the cage or ya jis might not git er back".  Still I have a warm place in my heart for bears.  Here is a story of a little fella in trouble out in Florida as reported by csmonitor.com:

An escaped grizzly cub was spotted roaming a wooded area near Naples, Fla. yesterday. The 125-pound grizzly cub "Boo boo" escaped from a facility Tuesday afternoon.  An escaped grizzly bear cub was seen roaming a wooded area in the Naples area on Wednesday.Officers with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission have been looking for the 125-pound grizzly cub after it escaped from a facility Tuesday afternoon in Golden Gate Estates. Wildlife officials asked residents to report any sightings.  Wildlife supervisor Capt. Mitts Mravic says residents shouldn't approach the bear if they see it, but should call law enforcement with "information on a direction of travel."  The cub is likely in a wooded area on the owner's property or a neighboring property. But wildlife officials say it could potentially travel in search of food. Black bears live in the area, but the escaped grizzly cub is brown, officials noted.  The commission is also looking into the cause of the escape.