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Ladies if you're single and it's your job to plan the next big date for you and your man, do yourself a favor and read this first.

I'm going to do you a huge solid and give you the four dates that guys absolutely hate!

This shouldn't come as a big surprise, but men and women have very different ideas about what makes up a good date. And believe it or not, it is possible for man to actually have a good time on a date that doesn't involve ending up back at his place with your clothes on his floor.

According to, here are four dates that men supposedly can't stand:

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    The Opera

    Generally, there is nothing remotely fun for man to have to put on formal clothing, and spend a ton on tickets to hear a group of people sing songs in a language that chances are you can't understand. Yes, avoid the Opera at all cost.

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    The beauty of nature is extremely overrated for most men according to Flowers, sunsets and animals don't have the same effect on them. Then, there's always the issue of having limited access to the internet, which means not being able to check emails and sports scores. Never a good thing for a guy.

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    Taking a trip.

    It's true, most everyone likes to travel. But men view taking trips a little differently than women. They see it as expensive. You've got the cost of gas or a flight, a hotel and the time away from work. In the end, traveling can be more of a burden than a fun getaway for a guy.

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    This just in, your man doesn't want to follow you around the mall, holding your purse while you try on a bunch of clothes and ask him repeatedly if these jeans make your butt look too big? There is nothing appealing about that type of date for most men. Unless of course there's a good sports bar located near The Limited that he can take refuge in, until you get the shopping bug out of your system for the day.

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