What can I say about the David Cassidy concert I attended over the weekend?

Grand Falls Casino really goes all out for a show. Amazing camera work and sound, comfy theater, cold beverages were all part of the evening. I recently got to see Bob Newhart perform there and it was fantastic!

Now, I have to tell you what I whispered to my friend Linda (Ben’s wife), after about three songs.

“I am so, so sad that he hasn’t aged well.”

Linda said she was just about to tell me the same thing.

Both his voice and memory failed him at times throughout the performance.He did say it had been months since they had performed.

Perhaps that was part of the reason that some lyrics eluded him. Or maybe it was the wave of personal issues (3 DUIs, another impending divorce) that washed over him, fogging his mind.

There was a long filler section during which his band was showcased. A lot of people chose this time to refresh their drinks and go to the restroom. This was very obviously not what the crowd wanted to see or hear.

He told a few music insider stories about his relationship with the Beatles and the Monkees, and lavished praise on his band. He loved his diehard fans in the audience back with as much sincerity as he was able.

There was another thing that drove me to distraction and that was David’s habit of mindlessly reaching in his shirt, wiping down his sweaty chest with his hand and then wiping that hand down his pants. It was absolutely stomach-churning! I’m sure it is something he is not even aware he does, but someone needs to tell him.

It may be hard to believe when you read this, but I was one of those David Cassidy superfans back in the day! When I finally met him and got to spend time with him I could not have been more thrilled. Having seen him perform in the 90’s, long after his “Partridge Family” zenith, I know what a talented, fun performer he used to be.

So, I am nothing but profoundly sad at what transpired Friday night. I hope he has better days ahead.