What dirty deed did Kris Jenner have to do to get her daughter the hosting gig on the X Factor?

Wednesday night, October 31, the X Factor debuted their first live show of the season.  It was also the first night we were introduced to the new hosts, Mario Lopez and Khloe Kardashian.  Mario Lopez has a lot of experience as a host and it showed.  He earned his million tonight.  He can stay.  Khloe showed up in a sheer shirt that revealed her nipple.  At least she made an entrance.  The rest of the night, she reminded me of a four year old trying to get your attention.  Maybe she should have tried a hosting gig on the TV Guide channel before debuting in the big league.  She was obnoxious and annoying.  How did she get this job?  Was Donald Trump busy?

I'm guessing the X Factor won't take my advice and fire her, so tune in Thursday night, November 1 to see the train wreck for yourself.  Some advice for her stylist...BRA.

Stepen Lovekin, Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images