Sheryl Crow offered up an interesting theory on what caused her benign brain tumor when she appeared on the new Katie Couric talk show on Monday. She thinks cell phones may be the culprit.

According to Sheryl "Back in the early, early days when I was promoting my first record, I did hours of phone interviews on old archaic cellphones."

During the interview with Couric, Sheryl revealed that the tumor is in a part of her brain that's near where she used to hold the phone. Sheryl says, "There are no doctors that will confirm that."

When she first noticed she had a problem, Sheryl thought she was suffering from the onset of Alzheimer's because she started forgetting lyrics on stage and feeling "mushy" as she put it.

Eventually, she went to the doctor and found out she had a non-cancerous tumor called a meningioma. The good news, according to physicians it's nothing she needs to worry about.

What do you think about Sheryl's theory, could she be right?