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Are you one of these people that use your vacation days as a weapon?

According to a new study, it happens every day in the workplace. About 5% of us say we strategically schedule our vacation days just annoy another co-worker.

Don't look now, but that person sitting in the cube next to you might be playing a strategic game of chess in the workplace when it comes to your vacation time.

13% of the people surveyed say they usually keep a tight lip when it comes to the days they want to take off each year, because they're afraid a fellow co-worker will torpedo their planed vacation by grabbing the same days first.

As a matter of fact, 7% of people reported they even lie about the days they want to take off in the hope that any coworkers who'd want to screw them would take the wrong days off.

10% of us say vacation days are fast becoming the biggest cause of conflict within the workplace.

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So forget about the person that likes to stir up all the office gossip, or that micro-managing boss that keeps you under his or her thumb, and even the person that's always stealing your boloney and cheese out of the office refrigerator each week. It's the person scheming to steal your planned vacation time you need to worry about.

And this figures, it's the Christmas season that's the most popular time of the year when the majority of employees like to play their little vacation reindeer games.