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If you don't think it's important to dress at least somewhat professional while at work, think again.

According to a new survey, one in seven people have missed a promotion because they dressed too causally on the job.

I think we all can pretty much agree, gone are the days when most men wear a suit and tie on the job. But hopefully for your sake, you're not dressing like a Seattle "grunge" singer either?

Well over 50% of bosses surveyed said they hate it when their employees wear things like sandals, t-shirts with slogans on them and shorts on the job. In other words, don't show up to work looking like the "dude" from the Big Lebowski.

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If you're willing to buck the trend and dress like a true professional, it could really pay off for you when it comes time to get that promotion you have been counting on at work.

Supposedly the best thing a man can wear to get a promotion is still a suit with a light blue shirt and a dark tie. Red and purple ties are the next best options.

Woman on the other hand, should step up their attire to a more formal looking outfit. That look will show they're ready to take on more responsibility according to the workplace fashion experts.

Even the classiest looking wardrobe might not be enough. Dressing for the promotion you want includes good grooming habits too.

Make sure yours are in check. Don't forget to bath with regularity, comb your hair, brush your teeth, trim your nails and easy on the perfume and cologne.

Again, avoid trying to look like the "dude" from the Big Lebowski whenever possible.

Source: Daily Mail