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How many times have you run across somebody in traffic that's either texting or surfing the internet on their smartphone while behind the wheel?

As you know, that's just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to distractions people can experience while driving.

There's a new survey out that says putting on "makeup" while driving can be a huge distraction for female drivers.

43% of women surveyed claim they're guilty of trying to beautify themselves while heading on down the highway. That's more than two out of five ladies. The main reason for so many apply make-up on the road is because they got out of bed at the last minute and were running late.

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Most say they try to only do it at red lights or during traffic jams. But not all of them wait until they're stopped. I can attest to that, on my way into work this morning, I just witnessed a woman applying lipstick while staring in her rear view mirror on a very busy road. Probably not the smartest thing a person could do on a heavily traveled road I'm thinking?

What's crazy, only 14% of the ladies surveyed think it affects their ability to drive properly.

Insurers estimate that as many as 450,000 accidents a year can be attributed to distracted female drivers applying make-up on the go.

What types of cosmetics do female drives like to apply as they motor on down the road? Lip gloss is the most popular thing, followed by mascara, lipstick, bronzer and eyeliner.


In your defense ladies, both sexes are guilty of primping behind the wheel. I've seen plenty of men checking their look behind the wheel as well.

What do you think, do you have a problem with women and men attempting the on-the-go beauty regime?