The debate is on. Which do women find more attractive, a man that is clean-shaven or a man with a wooly beard. Would you believe neither of those two choices came out on top?

Guys if you really want a way to win a woman's heart, you need to acquire the Hugh Jackman "heavy stubble" look.

FilmMagic /Getty Images

According to a new study done by a group of researchers at the University of New South Wales in Australia, it doesn't matter to women whether a guy is clean-shaven or has a full beard. Women find both equally attractive.

But if you really want to get a woman's motor running, you need to go for the 10 days without shaving heavy stubble look. That's when women feel men reach their peak level of attractiveness.

In fact, the fair sex prefers men with the heavy stubble look for love, sex and marriage.

The clean-shaven and full beard looks tied for second. Both men and women thought the light stubble look was the least attractive, mainly because it was too patchy and uneven.

For those of you men currently sporting the Grizzly Adams look, don't feel too bad. Women did rate men with full beards high in the survey when it came to things like; masculinity, parenting ability and heath.