The question is, do you double-dip your chip?

According to a new survey done by Tostitos, two out of five Americans under the age of 35 have double-dipped a chip.

Nearly half of men have done it. While only one in three women admit to double dipping.

You should know that young people are more likely to do the double-dip.

While 54% of people say that if they witnessed someone else double-dip, they would avoid the dip for the rest of the night.

25% of the people surveyed said they would call the double-dipper out! And another 22% said if they witnessed a double-dip, they'd use it as an excuse to double-dip themselves. Yikes!

The survey also revealed there is a proper chip-and-dip etiquette that one should be aware of. Most people say the correct way to dip your chip is to go straight in and out, instead of scooping to get more dip.

So dip wisely my friends and lets try to keep that salsa spit-free.