Anyone who goes to a gym on a consistent basis can relate to this, there's a big difference between going to the gym and actually working out.

Many people that go to the gym go to socialize and not to sweat!

A new study done by Counsel and Heal shows the average person spends 35% of their time at the gym NOT working out. That means for every 60 minutes you spend at the gym, you're only working out for 39 minutes.

What types of things are people doing with the other 21 minutes every hour? That answer is fairly easy if you look around.

Most of the people spend a great majority of that time talking to other people, checking their phones, fiddling with their iPods or waiting to get on a machine.

Undoubtedly you'll always see the person decked out in full workout regalia, just setting on an exercise bike, or standing on the treadmill doing nothing. Gotta love those fitness frauds and their commitment to better health.

I think my favorite gym goers however, are the men and women who show up just for the scenery.

Fuse/Getty Images

You know the type, the guy who spends all his time starring at the little 23 year old hot body in the yoga outfit. Or the woman who wants to flirt with the muscle bound, tattooed gym rat, squatting his brains out.

32% of the people surveyed by the way, admitted to being guilty of that.

If you happen to be one of the people who actually does go to the gym with the intent of losing a little weight and getting in better shape?  Remember the Sanford Health Fitness Expo is coming up on Friday and Saturday, September 6 and 7th.

The hours are 5-9pm on Friday and 9-7pm on Saturday at the Sioux Falls Arena.

The expo is FREE and will include workshops, vendors and fun!

I'm sure the scenery there will be pretty good too!