With Valentine's Day fast approaching, it sounds like your significant other already knows what they'll be getting according to a new survey.

Now if they'd only be kind enough to give you some kind of clue, so you can make sure to buy the right thing!

56% of the people surveyed already claim to know what Cupid will be delivering them this Valentine's Day. Another 30% say they have absolutely no idea. While the other 14% aren't expecting to get a thing from their spouse or significant other. Sounds like loves eternal flame might have gone out with those couples.

Something to keep in mind as you wrack your brain trying to find the perfect Valentine's Day gift for your sweetheart. 86% of people say they would prefer to receive a homemade or personalized gift. That type of gift makes an extra special present according to the people surveyed.

Most agree that Cupid doesn't need to break the bank when buying the perfect Valentine's Day gift either. Only 8% say a gift needs to be really expensive to be extra special. Those are probably the same people who expect to see a brand new Range Rover with a big red bow around it, sitting in the driveway on Valentine's morning.

There just might be some truth to all this, my wife is asking for a brand new step-stool for Valentine's Day. Hey, nothing says I Love You, like a romantic step-stool, that's what I always say!

Maybe I'll try to find a pink one. Yeah, that's the ticket!

Source: PR Newswire