Today would have been a good day to find the nearest mall Santa, sit in his lap and tell that white bearded, red suit wearing, big guy, thanks for all the gifts throughout the years!

Why? Because December 6th, is St. Nicholas Day. A day set aside to honor the real St. Nick, a giver of gifts whose spirit eventually evolved into Santa Claus.

I was in the mall over the weekend doing some Christmas shopping, when I walked by the Santa in the Empire and noticed a terrified looking young lad sitting on Jolly Old St. Nick's lap bawling his eyes out. I couldn't tell who was more miserable looking, the boy or Santa.

When I was a kid, I always looked forward to visiting Santa each year. I would show up prepared too, with my Christmas wish list all hand written out in #2 pencil with a $10.00 bill attached. (Hey, it wasn't beneath me to bribe Father Christmas! You gotta do, what you gotta do, right?)

I'd hop up in Kriss Kringle's lap and go over every item on my list one by one like some sort of preschool accountant. I bet it took a good 20 minutes from start to finish.

I still can't believe the other kid’s parents didn't beat the crap out of me as I left the department store for monopolizing so much of his time.

In hindsight I'm sure Santa thought I was a couple of dates and nuts short of a complete fruitcake too! Ah well, it's all part of the Christmas experience!

How about you, do you remember sitting on Santa's lap as a kid? Do you remember some of the things you asked him for?

Oh, by the way Santa, if you’re reading this, I want my ten bucks back! In 1971 you never did bring me the Johnny West Collection I asked for. And don’t give me that, sorry, it must have fell out of the sleigh story either!