I was reading a news story about Tara the cat who saved her family's little boy by scaring off a dog that had attacked him. She was recently asked to throw out the first pitch at the Bakersfield Blaze baseball game in California and it was discovered that she isn't much of a ball player. But I digress, after I read the story on the air, I said that Tara was the greatest cat since Toonces and Ben said, "That's a dumb name for a cat!"

He had no idea who Toonces was! I was shocked, I mean come on, Toonces was "the cat who could drive"! It started out as a Saturday Night Live sketch in May of 1989, which starred Steve Martin and Victoria Jackson, (the comedienne who told Ben he looked like the JB's Big Boy statue because he had so much hair!). They played a couple who owned a cat named Toonces and they were surprised to learn he could drive!

Unfortunately, Toonces wasn't a great driver and almost always drove over a cliff with everyone including Toonces, screaming! They used the sketch idea for years with Dana Carvey subsequently taking over the husband role and Toonces driving in all kinds of different situations with the guest hosts. Toonces even had a half-hour special of his own in 1992! How could Ben not remember Toonces! Sheesh!!