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Wasn't it Pat Benatar that said, "Stop Using Sex as a Weapon?"  Sounds like women have found another use for it as well.

According to a new survey, 65% of women claim they've used sex as a reward.

Here are the most common scenarios:

  • 38% have used sex as a reward for helping around the house.
  • 34% have used it for getting them a gift.
  • 28% for looking after the kids or helping out other family members.
  • 21% for cooking dinner.
  • And 19% for picking them up from somewhere.

Oddly enough, even men are guilty of it. With 11% of men saying they've bribed their wife or girlfriend with sex for letting them do things like watch sports or hang out with the guys for a night. And I'm sure it was a real sacrifice for those guys to promise to have to have sex with their significant others too!

Now getting back to the women like to use sex as a reward issue. I think I’m gonna go home and do the dishes right now and test out that theory.

I’ll let you know if it works.