It was just announced that Sioux Falls is getting 2 more Walmarts.  That would make 4 Walmarts in Sioux Falls.  A new Costco is scheduled to be build on 41st street.  We have a Sam's Club on Louise Ave.  Now according to KELO TV:

Sam's Club was first approved by the city to build on a site north of Target and Kohl's at Dawley Farm and was expected to break ground in 2011.  However, that didn't happen. Then it was approved for a second site north of Menards on the east side of town.

Now Sam's Club is considering a third site south of the Century East Theatres at Dawley Farm. City planners say they don't know which site the retailer will ultimately build on, but believe it will put up another store eventually.

A lot of people I have talked to are wondering how a city the size of Sioux Falls can support this many new big box stores.  What do you think?