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If someone asks you to go on a first date, and you want to take things slow, make sure you choose Tuesday as the day of the week for the big date.

According to a new survey, Tuesday is the day of the week when people have the least amount of sex.

What were the main reasons why Tuesday's are so boring in the bedroom?

  • We don't drink enough on Tuesday's. 22% of people claim they're too sober to have sex on Tuesday nights, or their partner is.


  • Tuesday night TV is too good. 17% of people said Tuesday night is must see TV. Men would rather be watching the tube, instead of a set of boobs I guess.


  • We're too tired from doing chores on Tuesday's. Apparently Tuesday is a big cleaning day for women. Fewer ladies feel like getting dirty after a tough day of cleaning.

So what day of the week compels people the most to hit the sheets? Survey says...Saturday's!

Saturday was overwhelmingly the favorite day of the week to do the "shag nasty" according to 30% of the people surveyed. Proving that maybe alcohol is a key influencer for when the nation prefers to have sex.

So do you follow the Tuesday trend, or is it all systems go no matter what day of the week in your house?