Are you a lady that allows your man to see your morning face soon after you've started dating? Or are you one of these women that has to wake up during the night, quickly run into the bathroom to apply more makeup before going back to bed, only to re-awaken with him hours later looking beautiful?

According to a new survey from Female First, most women, 80%, will allow their new man to see their morning face within a month of dating.

8% say they wait an entire year to let a new boyfriend see them without wearing makeup and then there's the 3% of women that claim their man has never, ever, seen them without their makeup on.

The survey also revealed that 12% of women fear their new man would lose interest if he saw her without makeup. While another 2% think they would get dumped on the spot!

I wish the survey would have mentioned the number of women who said, "hey if he can't deal with my face in the morning, I can't deal with him!" It would have been interesting to see those numbers.