I kinda dig Dr. Oz.  The first time I saw Dr. Oz was years ago on Oprah.  Yes, I watch Oprah.  And now I watch the Dr. Oz TV show.  At times he has some really cool sounding tips.  Because of the Doctor’s advice I eat 2 ounces of either Walnuts or Almonds every day.  I also like to eat a lot of pizza and ice cream on a regular basis.  Unfortunatley,  no Dr. seems to recommend that.  Now according to UPI.com the good Dr. is getting sued.

A New Jersey man who gave himself third degree burn after allegedly following Dr. Oz's advice is suing the surgeon turned TV host. A New Jersey man is suing Dr. Mehmet Oz after he suffered burns following one of the surgeon turned TV host's sleep remedies.  On Monday Frank Dietl, 76, filed a lawsuit in Manhattan's Supreme Court claiming he got third degree burns on his feet after sleeping with heated rice-filled socks as recommended by Oz in a 2012 show, The New York post reported.  Dietl, who is a diabetic and suffers from neuropathy, said he wasn't aware his feet were burning as he slept because he has “diminished sensation in his feet.’’  “What upset me was that Oz should have had a disclaimer for people with neuropathy,’’ Dietl said.  Show spokesman Tim Sullivan defended the show by saying that the Dr. Oz cast "[stands] by the content in our program as safe and educational for our viewers.’’

What do you think?  Can a Dr. be responsible for blanket reporting that he does or should it be up to the individuale to check stuff up first before he tries it?