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There's no denying that we love our dogs and cats, and our pets love to destroy our electronic devices, to the tune of more than one Billion dollars each year!

That's a whole lotta chewed up power cords and remote controls!

Our pets will damage eight MILLION electronic devices a year, which end up costing us more than a billion dollars according to a new survey.

The majority of the time they're ruined because Snuggles either chews on it, or puts the device in his or her mouth.

One in five devices get damaged when an owner DROPS it while attempting to retrieve it from a pet that they've more than likely spent the last twenty minutes chasing around the house.

Another one in six gets damaged when a pet either pees or throws up on it.

Male pets have it out more for your electronics than female pets. Male dogs and cats destroy 50% more electronics than their female counterparts. And two thirds of the time, the damage happens when sweet little Sparky is left home alone.

I can attest to that, I used to have a male dog that ate two batteries, all four ends off a coffee table and a ceramic head off a statue. All in one day!

When I got home and discovered what had happened, I thought for sure the dog was a goner. He lived until the ripe old age of 13! Needless to say, he had plenty of good years of chewing cable cords and remote controls still left in him.

What gets into pets that make them so destructive, do they get bored? 17% of the time, people say the animal did it on purpose, because it was MAD at the owner. A theory I personally tend to agree with.

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