Did you put a couple of pounds on over the long holiday weekend, and now you're thinking about starting that diet you've been putting off?

Be prepared to lose at least one friend in addition to all those unwanted pounds.

There's a study out that says for every seven pounds a person loses on a diet, you also lose one friend.

The study included more than 2,500 people who dieted in the past 18 months and 81% reported losing at least one friend in the process.

The main reasons why this happens is because of jealousy and drifting apart because of the lifestyle changes you are forced to make while dieting.

It's harder for people on a diet to go out for dinner and to parties, therefore many dieters tend to lose friends throughout the dieting process.

92% of the people surveyed said it's a sacrifice they would gladly make again. Losing the weight made a significant positive impact on their lives,  regardless of the friends they lost.

Source: Daily Mail