It was Latin night on Dancing With the Stars, which would usually mean some hot, steamy dances, but I was let down.

I felt I agreed with the grumpy old judge, Len, most of the night. He is such a curmudgeon.  Am I becoming a curmudgeon?

Oh, and Ricky Martin was the guest judge and he basically said everyone was great and gave them really high scores because he couldn't be mean to anybody. But he looked great.

Like I said, most of the performances were lackluster, even Amy and Derek's rumba. It wasn't bad, but it didn't give me goosebumps or make me smile like their other dances have.

It was pretty much a 'meh' kind of night until Mark and Candance. Mark and Candace have been in the bottom the last couple weeks. There was some behind the scenes footage of Candance and Mark during dress rehearsals and during taping that shows just how anxious Candace gets during the live shows. I don't blame her though, I would be nervous too.

She went a sports psychologist and apparently it helped because I thought she had the best dance of the night.

Isn't Mark so handsome in that suit! #swoon #dreamy

It was also team dance night! The team dances always have some drama involved, but this time around it got even crazier.

Amy Purdy injured her back post rumba and couldn't dance the team dance so they showed dress rehearsal footage for her team while the other team performed live.

I don't think it would have mattered if she was there or not because their routine was just better. I think live it would have been even better actually.

I'm actually bummed we didn't see the live performance because all the guys were shirtless when they cut back from the recorded dance! What did we miss?!?!

I called it and Nene went home. No big surprise there. As for who is next? I don't know, it is a pretty close race from here on out. Candace is making a comeback and the other contestants aren't too shabby either. It really is anyone's mirrorball to win.