Don't we all wish we could have an aunt like Susan Marie McCarty of Edina, Minnesota.

She was charged recently with child endangerment for allegedly making her nephew ride in the trunk. Why you ask? Well, she picked up the 11-year-old from a water park on August 23, while his bathing suit was still wet. She didn't have a towel for him to sit on and she didn't want the water from the suit to damage her leather seats in her Lexus. 

Witnesses allegedly saw the kid get into the trunk, then watched McCarty closed the lid and drive away. Needless to say they gave police her license plate number.

When the cops pulled her over, McCarty told police she had folded down the center console to give her nephew some ventilation on the 80 degree-plus day. (She sounds like a real sweetheart! I wonder if she let him rest his little head on the spare tire?) 

McCarty faces a year in jail and thousands of dollars in fines if convicted.