One of the reasons people love living in or visiting Sioux Falls is the many 'quality of life' attributes contained within the city.  The Sioux Falls SculptureWalk is one of those.

The Arc Of Dreams is going to be the crown jewel in the Sioux Falls SculptureWalk.  The sculpture itself is a tribute to all the big dreamers, past, present, & future, that are responsible for making Sioux Falls the great city that it is.

Here are some facts about the Sioux Falls Arc Of Dreams:

  1. The Arc will be made of stainless steel and span the Big Sioux River between 6th & 8th streets downtown Sioux Falls.
  2. It will be 50 feet high and 70 from the water over the river with a 15 foot gap between the two sides of the Arc.
  3. Cost of the Arc will be around $1 million bucks donated from community groups and private donors.
  4. The Arc was designed by South Dakota Artist Laureate Dale Lamphere.
  5. There is hope that in the future a permanent endowment may be established at the Sioux Falls Area Community Foundation that will assist future dreamers and maintain the Arc of Dreams.

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