The Washington Post/Getty Images

This undoubtedly will be one of the strangest things you'll read today, but get a load of this, Al Qaeda makes their terrorists fill out expense reports.

The Associated Press recently intercepted a letter from the leaders of Al Qaeda in northern Africa. In the letter they found out that Al Qaeda makes its low level terrorists go to meetings, give progress reports, make regular calls to check in, produce, clear, measurable results, and yes, even fill out expense reports! No joke.


Never in a million years would I have ever guessed that members of Al Qaeda would be stuck inside some kind of generic office setting.

I mean really, can you picture your run of the mill terrorist dealing with middle management, mountains of paperwork, pointless meetings, a copy machine that jams and really bad office coffee?

Better yet, imagine the typical terrorist filling out his expense report. "Now let's see, what did I do with that receipt for the C-4 I bought last week? Dammit, I've misplaced it again!"