Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook's C-E-O, says he wants the world to have internet. Facebook will join forces with Samsung and five other companies in an attempt to expand web access globally. The project is called and was launches yesterday (August 21st) with the goal of bringing the internet to five-billion people who lack internet access. The partnership also holds the potential for development of lower-cost smartphones, and the development of ways to reduce the amount of data downloads required to run Internet applications. Zuckberg told CNN that so far the plans laid are "rough."

The internet is a wonderful thing. In my job, I spend a LOT of time online. But I'm old enough to also think of it as a bit of a curse. I see kids today (my granddaughters included) who are seemingly addicted to the internet. In the summers growing up, I remember it was punishment if we weren't allowed to go outside to play. We'd spend almost every waking hour playing games, sports, riding bikes, whatever. Kids today almost view being 'forced' to go outside to play without their cell phones, iPods, tablets, etc. as punishment. So maybe providing internet to everyone, isn't as great an idea as it sounds.