When it first starts to happen, you think it's magical! You're on top of the world and everything about life is grand! There’s nothing that anyone can say or do that will ruin your day.

Of course I'm talking about falling in love.

If you believe in the power of love, check this out, according to a new study, scientists have discovered that love is just a biological reaction that affects the brain. In fact, falling in love actually shuts down part of the brain. Unfortunately, it’s the part of your brain that's in charge of judgment that is the first to go.

It's all starting to make a lot of sense now isn't it?

When this reaction happens it causes people in love to stop criticizing or doubting. Which explains why at the time you thought being with an unemployed sociopath named Roscoe who had a rather large collection of fingernails seemed like the right to do. In hindsight, yeah, not so much. Damn love anyway!

Fortunately, the good news is people who are head-over-heels in love are still capable of making other major decisions in their lives, such as doing big business deals, staying in your current job or getting a new one, pulling the plug on your father's breathing machine, paper or plastic or deciding between regular or decaf!  It’s just those darn little pesky relationship decisions that appear to be out of order at the moment.

So the next time someone says “love makes you stupid” they just might be right!

How about you, what was the absolute worst decision you ever made when you first started to fall in love? Did it create terrible trouble and drama in your life?