I'm totes magotes excited for Jimmy Fallon to take over as host of 'The Tonight Show.'  However, I'm a little skeptical after the fiasco that happened the last time the host gig was shifted.

As you may remember, Jay Leno got his own daily show in primetime and Conan O'Brien was given 'The Tonight Show.'  Then when Leno was a huge flop they gave him 'The Tonight Show' back and forced Conan out!


In the latest promo for Jimmy Fallon's reign all the past hosts are included.  I mean all of them dating back to Steve Allen and Jack Paar and even the ousted Conan!

It really was NBC's only option.  If they had left him out that would just be rubbing salt in the wound.  Conan deserves to be acknowledged.

Jimmy Fallon takes over on February 17th.  Set your DVR's!