The first child saved the Amber Alert is headed to the University of Texas-Austin in the fall. Meet 18-year old Rae-Leigh Bradbury from Arlington, Texas. When she was eight weeks old, she was taken by her babysitter. Well thanks to the newly created Amber Alert system at that time, she was found a short time later safe in a vehicle. Dirty and hungry but otherwise safe.

Now she is heading off to college. Her mother says, "It's easy for me to talk about because I have her, but she's leaving me again, but not in the same sense." The Amber Alert System was initiated back in 1988 after a 9-year old girl named Amber Hagerman was kidnapped and murdered.

Thanks to the Amber Alert system, it has saved nearly 1000 children nationwide. Today, it's in use in all 50 states and 22 countries around the world.


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