Have you ever commented on our Food for Thought Facebook question?  You may have won a large pizza.

When we randomly choose a winner, we send a private Facebook message to the winner and also post it in the comment section of the question.  Several winners have not claimed their prize.  We know Facebook is kinda weird when it comes to private messages, etc., so here's your chance to easily see if you've won.

Here is a list of winners who have not claimed their prize.  The prize is a large Papa Murphy's pizza and it expires 6 months from the date won, so all of these still are valid.

If your name is on this list, please send Karla Brown an e-mail.  She will contact you to get more info.

The name listed is how your name appears on Facebook.

Jennifer Hoogensen Tiehen

Stacee Compton

Julie Dietz

Dixie Dela Tran

Tami Williamson Schnetter

James Schmidt

Kristen Mohn Spangler

Tammy Potter

Megan Grant

Anna Miller

Irina Levchenko

Kayla Sikma Huyser

Darcie Wahlund Kristjanson

Megan Johnson Boyenga

Rochelle Little

Cheri Blom

Robbie Ness

Linda Renee

Sidney Toennies

Carrie Congdon

Karla Stearns Ruud

Shawn Stadem-Koch

Jillian Foudray

Adam Decker

Maura Nicolet

Dawn Moore Alt

Samantha McManus

Carol Reif

Chris Rodegheir

Pam Bowman

Jessica Quinlivan

Kip Roozen

Karen Hanisch

Robin Rice Waege

Dani Anfield

Rebecca Ihnen

Lisa Dick Rose

Tiffany Ortman

Susie Oberg

Janelle Austin