Finally, we can take our eyes off bodies and glue our eyes to the NEW EYE CANDY!

A friend of mine, who knows me too well and my love of chocolate shot me a text and said, "I have a pic you have got to see.... I said, "you scare me." I waited, and this peanut butter cup/brownie showed up.

They told me it's the most popular food picture floating around the internet at this moment. I dug deeper and found the number of websites devoted to "naughty food pictures" is astonishing. Not recipes - just delicious looking pictures of food! The most popular food group to take a picture of? Yes, of course, my fav, the dessert.

Idea: Maybe not everyone in the family is into peanut butter and chocolate or there are allergies, try a hot brownie with a Reese cup in it.

Find the receipe here

How does this fit into my protein and carb count? I'm down 10 pounds taking chocolate out. But this is sooooo tempting!