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They say bald is beautiful, try telling that to man who is losing his hair. Especially if it starts to happen at a young age.

Losing your hair can affect you in many different ways. I know, because I'm a follicly challenged fellow myself.  I started losing my hair during my senior year of high school and I gotta tell you, it was no fun walking around with a receding hairline at age 17. I had the Hair Club for Men on speed dial back in those days.

There's no denying the fact, that going bald can be brutal for some guys.


According to a new report, 13% of the men surveyed said it immediately affected their relationship. Another 4% said they even went temporarily INSANE upon losing their hair.

What kind of measures are men willing to take to get their manly mane back:


  • 25% of bald men would give up a pay raise.
  • Another 17% would give up sex for a year! I'm sure with the hope that having a full head of hair again, would lead to more sex down the road.


  • 36% would give up their favorite football team. Hey, that might not be such a bad thing. For instance, if you're a Dolphins fan like me, not only would you be getting your hair back, there's a very good chance you could be adding years to your life as well. Think of the benefits that move would make on lowering your blood pressure 4 months out of the year.


  • A surprising 23% of guys surveyed said they'd be happy to "give up their mother-in-law" to get their hair back. Now there's a real sacrifice! Just kidding Jan if you're reading this!  


  • Finally, and probably the most drastic step, 10% of bald men interviewed said they would even be willing to give up a year of their life to get their hair back.

Now that's a guy who really hates being bald!