I come from a medical family and because of that, I guess, I will always be interested in the latest medical and scientific breakthroughs and treatments. This story fascinated me.

Jamie Hilton, a former Mrs. Idaho, was given a 50 percent chance of living after a horrible accident on a fishing trip badly damaged her brain. Her doctors felt the only option was to remove a fourth of her skull to let her swelling brain expand.  They surgically inserted the large piece of bone into her abdomen.

The surgeon explained that the body kept the bone segment sterile and nourished, while her brain continued to heal. Six weeks later they did the reattachment surgery and today Jamie is in good health. She says the only real change is in her senses of smell and taste, but that everything else has returned.

Jamie says her faith, tremendous support from family, friends and even strangers, along with this amazing medical procedure, all made her miraculous recovery possible.