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If you eat your own cooking are you preparing healthy meals?  The American Heart Association has a seven step program.

With a few tips you and your family can be on your way to a healthier heart with the American Heart Associations free cooking classes in Sioux Falls.  The class begins tonight at 7:15pm at Morningside Community Center.

According to the City of Sioux Falls website:

Cooking at home can be a daunting task but a rewarding one for your diet and lifestyle (and your wallet). Making small changes in your diet is important to your heart health.

If you’re ready to start cooking at home, this 45-minute cooking demonstration from the American Heart Association will give you the basics you need to make low-cost, heart-healthy meals. Each session will feature a different set of affordable and healthy recipes to give you the basic skills and techniques to get started and inspired—and have fun! This adult-only class is free; however, registration is required.

Plan ahead and register here. For additional information about the American Heart Association Life's Simple 7 click here.